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The walkthrough is built upon 3D perspectives. The right inputs build the right walkthrough. It’s always better to source the 3D Views and the Walkthrough from the same studio. Quality and responsibility are aligned. The camera is the eye of the audience. Smooth camera movement enables the audience’s comfort with the project. The placement decides his/her view. It very well nurtures the experience - helping form the buying decision. A walkthrough begins as a builder’s vision but it must become the buyer’s vision too, to sell. The film must attract attention with its beauty and hold it with its vibrancy. When the audience watches the entire walkthrough with rapt attention, a sale is very much possible.   Do Explore Virtual Walkthroughs From Peninsular Art Works Below And Check For Yourself.

Drone Shoot

Gone are the days when location of a project was explained through a computer generated location map.There is nothing better than showing the real location of the project. The buyers accurately visualises the project, its position and orientation…helping in faster decision making.

Croma Shoot

The buyers love to imagine themselves in the project. They don’t identify with plastic/animated characters. Live, real human (shot on camera) get them to believe the project. It’s real, they feel and begin to imagine a life in your project. Peninsular has a in-house stock of live Indian characters which is offered at no extra cost. A dedicated shoot for such characters would cost a few hundreds of thousands.

Walkthrough Video Gallery

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