Floor Plans

floor plans

A real estate 2D floor plan is a drawing to scale that shows the property from a bird's eye view, showing the relationship between rooms & spaces and the overall layout of the property - a “flat” drawing without perspective or depth
It shows walls and room layouts & fixed installations like windows, doors and stairs as well as proposed furniture layouts.

floor plans

Good looking yet functional Floor Plans increase customer engagement. A 3D floor plan becomes a virtual model of a property floor plan, depicted from a bird's eye view. It simplifies the architectural plans for a layman.

floor plans

Also known as axonometric view. It is a graphic method of representing 3D objects. The technique creates an illusion of depth. The buyers can visualise the living spaces with clarity. Isometric representation are great marketing tool for property portals, websites, social media and more.

floor plan
explainer videos

In real estate, space is everything. And the sense of available space to a buyer comes from the Explainer Video. A 3D inside-view with furniture and fixture adds a realistic feel and confidence to the buyer. When the space make sense, the projects starts to make sense too.

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